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What to Expect in a Checkup Eye Exam

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An eye exam consists of an array of tests carried out by an eye care professional or specialist who examines your vision and ability to focus on distinguishing objects. It is inclusive of all check-ups and analysis pertaining to the eye. An in-depth eye examination is a composite of external assessments followed by special tests [...]

My vision is cloudy. Is it cataracts?

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Are you experiencing cloudy vision? If so, you could be among one of over 20 million Americans who suffer from cataracts. Today, cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in people who are over 40 years old and the principal cause of blindness and other eye problems in the world. […]

Learn About Cataract Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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Imagine you are trying to take a picture on your phone of your daughter after you drop her off for her first year of college. Unfortunately, you touch the lens of your phone’s camera, creating a smudge. When you look at your phone, the screen appears cloudy and blurry from the spots your fingers left [...]

Fireworks Safety Tips

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Each year, thousands of Americans visit emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries. 35% of those injured are under the age of 151. Regulations have helped make fireworks safer, though inherently they remain potentially hazardous. […]