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5 Eye Health Conditions to Look Out for As You Age

By | 2017-12-26T07:51:42+00:00 12/26/2017|

In our 20’s and 30’s eye health may seem to consist of seeing an optometrist once a year to update our prescription. We protect our eyes with sunglasses and avoid staring at device screens too long, but as we reach our 40’s and 50’s, we have new vision challenges that may be just around the [...]

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets and Your Vision

By | 2017-11-10T13:51:14+00:00 11/13/2017|

Imagine this – you’re looking out toward the ocean, watching the waves hit the shoreline. A few crabs scuttle across your periphery and you notice a sand dollar. As you bend over to pick it up, your hand hits a hard wooden object and you remember you are in a virtual world, sitting in front [...]

Tips for Optimal Eye Health Through Nutrition and Quality Care

By | 2017-10-13T11:08:22+00:00 10/16/2017|

Maintaining the health of your vision is important. Regular eye exams, proper nutrition and wearing the right protective gear are all ways that you can help protect your vision for the future. While there are certain changes that occur with your vision over time, how you treat your vision can have a big impact on [...]