Eye Safety

Fireworks Safety Tips

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Each year, thousands of Americans visit emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries. 35% of those injured are under the age of 151. Regulations have helped make fireworks safer, though inherently they remain potentially hazardous. […]

How Smoking Can Affect Your Vision

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People often overlook the fact that smoking can lead to many potential eye defects and diseases. Smoking is the single most common form of preventable diseases and, because of this, quitting is one of the best ways to prevent eye problems and increase the longevity of your eye health. […]

Vision Importance When Riding Motorcycles

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The feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle or ATV and being out in the elements is why we ride. However, it also comes with the risk of being injured by those same elements. Luckily good riding gear will offer comfortable protection from those elements without compromising the benefits you get from riding—the [...]

Sports Eye Safety

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Each sport has its own unique risks of eye injury and requires its own type of protective eyewear, which is why the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets the standard for sports eye protection. Polycarbonate lenses offer the best protection for many sports because the material is thin, lightweight and impact-resistant. They are [...]

What You Need to Know About Blue Light

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Blue light is the highest energy wavelength of visible light which is able to penetrate through the eyes’ natural filters. Electronic devices that light up emit varying degrees of blue light, which include cell phones, tablets, computers and televisions. […]