Sun Protection

Tips for Optimal Eye Health Through Nutrition and Quality Care

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Maintaining the health of your vision is important. Regular eye exams, proper nutrition and wearing the right protective gear are all ways that you can help protect your vision for the future. While there are certain changes that occur with your vision over time, how you treat your vision can have a big impact on [...]

Polarized Sunglasses

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You already know that when you buy prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes and to improve your vision at the same time, you want lenses that block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. […]

The ABC’s on Ultraviolet Radiation

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With the arrival of summer come all the outdoor activities many of us look forward to. This in return equates to more exposure to the sun. We are all very aware of the damaging effects sunlight has our skin, but what about our eyes? […]

Sun Worshipers, Beware!

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After a long, frozen winter, we cheer when the sun finally begins to warm the Earth. But beware of the power of this life-giving, dazzling star! As we spend more time outdoors at beaches, ballgames, parks and pools, the sun’s constant UV (ultraviolet) light radiation can damage our eyes. […]