The Basics

What to Expect in a Checkup Eye Exam

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An eye exam consists of an array of tests carried out by an eye care professional or specialist who examines your vision and ability to focus on distinguishing objects. It is inclusive of all check-ups and analysis pertaining to the eye. An in-depth eye examination is a composite of external assessments followed by special tests [...]

Eye Cancer: What You Need to Know

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Did you know that eye cancer is the only life-threatening ocular disease? According to American Cancer Society, 80% of persons diagnosed with ocular tumors and receive early treatment survive. This healthy vision month, we provide in-depth information on eye cancer. In 2016, the American Cancer Society projected 3,130 cases of eye cancer to occur in [...]

7 Nutrient-Rich Foods for Eye Health You Need to Know

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Eating a nutritious whole food diet is great for overall health. Not only do whole foods contain macro-nutrients like Vitamin C and E that we learned about in school, they also contain enzymes and micro-nutrients. Science has not yet uncovered all the benefits that these vital building blocks can have on our body so it [...]