The Basics

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets and Your Vision

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Imagine this – you’re looking out toward the ocean, watching the waves hit the shoreline. A few crabs scuttle across your periphery and you notice a sand dollar. As you bend over to pick it up, your hand hits a hard wooden object and you remember you are in a virtual world, sitting in front [...]

Back-to-school Vision Tips

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With school just around the corner, your child’s annual eye exam should be a priority. Vision is one of the most important factors in learning and development. Nearly 80% of a child’s learning is acquired through his or her visual system1, making it the cornerstone for a successful school year. Studies show that one in [...]

Interesting Vision Facts About Animals

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While humans have adapted to eye problems by means of glasses and eye care, we aren’t the only ones that have succeeded in developing interesting ways to beat natural selection. Nature is full of interesting creatures that flourished in their habitats due to some sort of visual prowess. However, for every creature that has succeeded [...]